From the beloved movie „HOW HIGH“, starring Redman and Method Man aka. Silas and Jamal, we took it upon us to revive the notorious BUFU clothing brand, and create the iconic BUFU style for all of us to wear.


Join us on our journey to make The BUFU Brand a classic.


Our first collection was designed in-house and is being manufactured in the United States and Europe. This first collection #BUFUONE is seen as a kickstarter for this project.

All funds, raised from the first Shirt Collection, will be used to bring you our first insane and exclusive BUFU designs, conveniently, in great quality, and on demand.


BUFU  #Limited  

All we raise from #ONE, will go into our second collection. 
BUFU #Limited will feature custom materials and insane designs.

BUFU #Originals

With your support we will revive the legendary BUFU style. BUFU #Originals will feature the real clothes from the movie and our own professional streetwear, in the iconic 90s look. 
(*premium streetwear made in Germany)

in the Future 

BUFU x Collaborations

The ultimate goals is to partner up with with Redman and Methodman, as well as "funkyfresh" designers and labels from around the world to create the best interpretations of  BUFU - By Us Fuck You.



Stay tuned,

Buy Us, Thank You.

The BUFU Team